Ekbote - Careers

Vision & Mission:

The foundation of the brand Ekbote lies on the four strong pillars of excellence in quality, style, selection and qualitative customer service. Our vision of being the foremost brand recognized for quality deliver and complete customer satisfaction is also based on a true level of employee contentment. There have been employees and customers who’ve been a part of our growth since the last three decades, thus ensuring that we stick by a common motto of superior deliverance and commitment along with reasonable pricing and upgraded styles with the changing time.

Evolution of Ekbote:

The evolution of a brand is often measured in the rising levels of progress. As one of the oldest furniture brands in our country, Ekbote furniture’s have showcased impeccable quality, outstanding growth and advanced furniture style’s since 1960. With an ultra equipped factory spread over 6 acres (250,000 sq. ft.), at Ranje village, 23 km from the city of Pune, the brand has also provided work to hundreds of villagers from the vicinity. The process for creating furniture is carried out under strong supervision under the experts with precision and ease. Operations such as log yard storage, seasoning, veneer making and furniture processing, planning assembling, polishing etc are carried out meticulously on machines. Our prime focus has been creating an upgraded vision time and again especially in the market of residential wooden furniture that is ornamentally finished and classily designed to provide the peak utility.

Crafting relationships:

In existence since 1960, Ekbote Furniture’s, stand by their theme of crafting relationships. Due to the excellent workmanship showcased, our patrons today have been with us over their generations thus helping us improve and stick by the trust for the quality delivered in specialized residential furniture. Not only our clients, but we have also seen over three decades of retained and loyal employees that mark the true theme line of weaving in emotional, loyal and strong ties of the brand and in turn all those associated with us.