• Since 1960
  • Millions of Happy Customers
  • 500+ Solid Wood Products
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  1. Trust
    Manufacturer of solid wood furniture since 1960
  2. Uncompromising Quality
    Wood, Plywood and Veneer are creatively crafted into most stunning designs.
  3. Cost effective Price
    We have a price range for classes as well as masses.
  4. Versatile Design
    Our designs are a fine blend of traditional and modern concepts, suitable for every home and every lifestyle.
  5. Customer services
    We provide after sales service.

Why Ekbote:

Ekbote Furniture, the one stop destination for complete décor solutions, today masters every space and ambiance as per the requirements of our patrons. From living rooms, dining, elegant bedroom to additional accessories, we provide a complete classic solution to all your furniture requirements.

Customer-satisfaction being our prime motto, Ekbote Furniture work around delivering smiles to our patrons across India. We revel to progress and expand while building trust in our customers, for the brand overall. 


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